Persian Computer Highway Comoany Symbole

Persian :  A symbol of being dedicated to the Persian pure culture, ancientness and compliance with valuable Iranian & Islamic identity at the international level.

Computer : Represents the type and scope of activity and also a modern look at the world of computer and IT.

Highway : Symbol of speed, extensiveness and unlimited scope of activities, simple access, transparency and continued service.

Symbolic definition of the general word “Company”:  An establishment that directs a nation with highly precious values and as ancient as the Persians to the world of IT at a desirable speed,

Philosophy behind the existence of P.C.H. : Besides being an abbreviation for Persian Computer Highway, it is symbolically a sign of a Helper, Customer, Performance and in general an indicator of frank cooperation with customer in providing IT services.

Red color:  It is the main color of the symbol that implies friendship, honesty of speech and action, depth of commitment and high interest in full satisfaction of the customers.

Our status : The first official company established to offer integrated computer services and products, office machines, and electronic systems and also the operator of comprehensive IT solutions based on ISO 20000:2005 in eastern part of Tehran.

Our values : Customer satisfaction, creativity, reliability, growth, development and dynamism.

Our advantages : High quality, reliable, simple, new and a wide range of products.

Our characteristics :  Delivering the best quality, the most long lasting products, the most suitable price and the most appropriate services.

Our identity : Customer oriented, trustworthy, server, trustable.